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Best New Music 2019(New Albums|New Reissues)

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Tallies | Tallies                Bob Mould – Sunshine Rock         YAK – Pursuit of Momentary Happiness                 Skinny Lister – The Story Is.

Piroshka – Brickbat       Sports Team - Keep Walking! (EP)        Ten Fé – Future Perfect...                             CHAI - PUNK

Half Japanese – Invincible        Nocturum – The Afterlife      Spiral Stairs - We Wanna Be Hyp​-​No​-​Tized    Panorama - La Dispute

Du Blonde - Lung Bread For Daddy     Kiwi jr. - Football Money       Holy Moly And The Crackers                    Sonny & The Sunsets 

                                                                                                                                                                            Hairdressers from Heaven

                                                                                                                      Take A Bite

Bella Novela - Incinerate                 Fontaines D.C - Dogrel                  Sundara Karma - Ulfilas' Alphabet                Blood Red Shoes - Get Tragic

Show Me The Body                           Cage the Elephant                                 The Leisure Society                                    The Mountain Goats

     Dog Whistle                                      Social Cues                                        Arrivals & Departures                              In League With Dragons


             TR/ST                                              PAWS                                                         Drahla                                                     The Artisans

   The Destroyer – 1                       Your Church On My Bonfire                       Useless Coordinates                                       The Artisans      

  The Dream Syndicate                     Business Of Dreams                                     I Was A King                           The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness

      These Times                                    Ripe For Anarchy                                      Slow Century                                                 Dead Calm   


  The Hannah BarberasDream                        SPINN                                            Mammoth Penguins                                               Tacocat                        

            Get hysical                                            Spinn                                  There's No Fight We Can't Both Win                       This Mess Is A Place   


              Starflyer 59                                       Alex Lahey                                                Indianola                                                      LA POISON                            

         Young in my head                        The Best Of Luck Club                           Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye                                      LA POISON


             Peter Perrett                                   Whenyoung                                          The Divine Comedy                                          Pip Blom                                   

             Humanworld                              Reasons To Dream                                        Office Politics                                                 Boat         

              Wallows                                        Stef Chura                                                 The Jackets                                          The  Rhythm  Method                      

       Nothing  Happens                                Midnight                                               Queen Of The Pill                                  How Would You Know...

      Car Seat Headrest                                  Heads Off                                                   Pokett                                                                                                            

Commit Yourself Completely      Everything Is Everything Else                        Time For Change                                                                                         

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Best New Music 2019 (New Albums | New Reissues)

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